VIP Heated Seat Cover.

VIP Heated Seat Cover.

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VIP Heated Seat Cover.


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Seat type: VIP / office chair

Size of the cover cm (d / w / h): 109х46х6

Element Type: 15x29 + 15x29cm 
Power: 7 to 12 Volts

Consumption current (for 7,4V): 1A / Power: 7, 4 W

Current consumption (for 12V): 1.6A / Power: 19.2W

(* Element resistance: 7.5 Ohm, with errors)

Heating temperature (under the body): 42 to 50 ° C

The length of the wire (default): 50 cm

Connector (default): 2.1 x 5.5 mm jack

Weight: 100gr.

Set: double cover / heating element

(under the order other colors, the sizes, a kind, a prize)

Warranty: 12 months